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The “Orange” writing staff is currently comprised of five women and two men […] Outside the cozy bubble of our room, only 30.5% of television writers are women. I don’t have any other statistics to share with you, as that was the only one easily available via Google. What I can tell you is that throughout every step of creating this show, I’m constantly struck by how many women I’m surrounded by—not just in the room, but beyond it: the cast, the crew, the people in charge on every level. It’s in stark contrast to the executive floor at the Important Studio, where without exception, every executive was male and 99% of the assistants were female. […]

I can’t tell you how our show will affect the landscape of television or how it advances the importance of diverse female narratives. I know casting the show was thrilling. The array of skin color and the range of bodies were unlike anything I’d seen on television before. Even on the frustrating days, when a script was due and I was convinced I was a talentless hack, I consoled myself by trusting that it felt important to be telling stories about women who are largely ignored in the mainstream media. In my more assured moments, I knew that we were attempting to give a voice to the miles that fall in between black and white, gay and straight, good and bad. That is: giving a voice to most humans.

25 Common Phrases That You're Saying Wrong



Please pay special attention to #17. It drives me crazy when I hear it.

BUT WHAT ABOUT “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’” by Judas Priest?????

No mention of ‘All of a sudden’ vs ‘All of the sudden?’ OK. Whatever. Nit-picking over the US slang ‘sorta’ (kinda/wanna/gotta) is a way more important* correction to make.

By the way it’s ‘all of A sudden.’ But. Yeah. Who cares, right. Sorta stupid to even mention it. 



There Are No Small Roles - 8 REAL Reasons to Watch Orange is the New Black

Laura Prepon - Alex Vause

Natasha Lyonne - Nicky Nichols

Madeline Brewer - Tricia Miller

Matt McGorry - John Bennett

Taryn Manning - Tiffany ‘Pennsyltucky’ Doggett

Danielle Brooks - Tasha ‘Taystee’ Jefferson

Samira Wiley - Poussey Washington

Nick Sandow - Joe Caputo

Some of the best performances on TV. Understated. Layered. REAL. Even though some of these guys have smaller roles, if everyone on Orange was working on this level the show would be unstoppable.

Although, I believe it’s coming back for a second season, so it already looks unstoppable…




I could watch Sam Rockwell dance for hours. What a treasure.

You’re in LUCK! Sam Rockwell dances in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE HE HAS EVER MADE! So you can literally watch him dance for hours.






Women are not taken seriously… They put a man in a dress, and he’s supposed to know what it feels like to be a woman. But of course he doesn’t. I think what Dustin [Hoffman] says is, ‘I realize now how important it is for a woman to be pretty. And I wasn’t pretty.’ God! That’s all you realized? Jesus Christ. ” — Teri Garr

Dustin Hoffman’s Tootsie Tears: Let’s Stop Congratulating Men for Discovering That Sexism Exists

Ding dong! Here I am, ruining everyone’s fun again.

Thanks Tylerrrrr!

I totally agree with this and understand where it’s coming from, but I still like the Dustin Hoffman video.  He had an epiphany and it made him cry and  it made a lot of people stop and think for a second.  Isn’t that a good thing?

Also, as someone who majored in history (of human rights) in college and did nothing but study the way people oppress each other during that time, I learned that it’s almost always the people who are a member of the more powerful group that have the most influence on that group.  A male feminist will always sway men more than a female one,  for the same reason that white people are more receptiive to hearing how racist they are from other white people than from people of color.  It’s just the way it is.  Humans don’t handle the shame of hearing it from the people they oppress very well, so we get defensive and dismiss them.  But when our peers call us out, it’s less threatening and we actually think about it.  And perhaps change. That’s why it’s important that we have men as our allies and not shoot them down and roll our eyes when they stand up for women.  And that’s why it’s important that heterosexuals stand up for the rights of their homosexual friends and white people teach other white people about white privilege.  

So yeah, men, keep having your epiphanies and keep talking about them.  I fully support your efforts to at least try.  I don’t know about other women, but I’m tired of teaching men about male privilege and mysogeny. i’d be happy to let the men take on that burden for awhile. So thank you guys who are doing that and talking about it.

Melanie for the win! So great.

What Brett said!

Play Fighting

"There’s a received wisdom in the U.K. that Americans don’t get irony. This is of course not true. But what is true is that they don’t use it all the time. It shows up in the smarter comedies but Americans don’t use it as much socially as Brits. We use it as liberally as prepositions in every day speech. We tease our friends. We use sarcasm as a shield and a weapon. We avoid sincerity until it’s absolutely necessary. We mercilessly take the piss out of people we like or dislike basically. And ourselves. This is very important. Our brashness and swagger is laden with equal portions of self-deprecation. This is our license to hand it out. This can sometimes be perceived as nasty if the recipients aren’t used to it. It isn’t. It’s play fighting. It’s almost a sign of affection if we like you, and ego bursting if we don’t. You just have to know which one it is.”

(Bolding by yours truly. I’ve been trying to convey this very point in relation to improv since I started doing it 4.5 years ago. It get’s shot down 100% of the time. My goal is to find a way to integrate the above - teasing, sarcasm, avoidance of sincerity, merciless piss-taking - without it being noted as something to be corrected. Every teacher/coach I’ve had has said “Do what makes you laugh. What you find funny.” This is my brand of humor. I’d LOVE to find a way for it to exist in improv. And it will be the primary challenge for US teachers when they take the UCB to the UK.)

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Interesting fact: Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer has a very specific red carpet face.

Other interesting fact: I was doing a Google image search of Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer for no real reason.

Squinty duck-face. 

anOTHER interesting fact: She also wore squinty duck-face all the way through her performance in The Tudors.

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Noses I Want to Touch

Noses I Want to Touch