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farting is such sweet sorrow




My brain just took a shit inside my skull

Oh my god. Screw you guys to hell for posting this!




My friend Caitlin had a preventative double mastectomy after testing positive for the BRCA gene, and she’s sharing her journey with Glamour. Here’s the trailer. I cried. This woman is amazing, and I am so appreciative that she’s sharing her story with the world. 

I cried too. Very proud to know this sweet and wonderful gal.

Caitlin is such a wonderful person! I want to hug her right now!





if u don’t smile u r pretty much dead wow how is it like to be dead??

Reblog forever.

Holy shit, are you kidding me? I need this as a ringtone

i LOVE the idea of this ringtone.

i love this so much i am CACKLING.

That last one!

Fuck “pretty”

Fuck “skinny”

Fucking Rick Owens.

See the whole show here:

[Click image -> click Rick Owens -> Click Women -> Click the color photo (#1)]

Sacha Baron Cohen Withdraws From Freddie Mercury Movie

Old article. BIG mistake!

This was posted a little while ago and I forgot to reblog it.

If Sacha Baron Cohen wants to make a ‘grittier’ movie based on one hell of a gritty human being, then I say do it. Why do we need to see a PG version of one of the most amazing and complex men in entertainment history?

SBC is simply the best and only person to play Freddie Mercury. So. Without even knowing all the inside details I am taking his side.

The movie industry is pathetic.

They just don’t know a frigging masterpiece when it’s wafting it’s stank right under their noses.

Dexter + Beard = Harry Henderson

Dexter + Beard = Harry Henderson


While it’s possible to separate even the vilest human beings from the sometimes-worthwhile art they make, everything Richardson does is suffused with the teen-porn aesthetic that allegedly also dictates his behavior. From his notorious Glee-girls-in-their-underpants photo shootfor GQ to his bathtub romp with Lady Gaga in the video for her song“Cake,” it’s not the sexual content of his work that makes us recoil — it’s the contextual details that make it all feel exploitative.

Let’s Blame Terry Richardson — Not Miley Cyrus — For the Awful Wrecking Ball Video

Incase people needed to remember what he looks like… especially when he’s working. He’s the one on the left.