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Jason Reitman presents all-female reading of Gelngarry Glenn Ross

Filmmaker Jason Reitman (Up in the Air,Juno) is staging a live reading of the movieGlengarry Glenn Ross in LA with an all-female cast. It’s the latest in a series of live readings of famous movies Reitman has held at LACMA, and like his all-black reading of Reservoir Dogs last year, this one switches switches up the dynamic by turning the all-male cast female. Here’s who’s reading what role:

Robin Wright – Ricky Roma (Al Pacino)
Catherine O’Hara – Shelley Levene (Jack Lemmon)
Maria Bello – Dave Moss (Ed Harris)
Allison Janney – George Aaronow (Alan Arkin)
Mae Whitman – John Williamson (Kevin Spacey)

No word on who’s playing Alec Baldwin’s character, but I’m sure it’ll be somebody spectacular. The sold-out event is being held February 21st, but there’ll be a waitlist line (via EW).

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